We provide advice and assistance in matters of child abduction, custody, guardianship, inheritance, issues relating to forced marriages, and divorces.

We also procure service in Pakistan of documents and other processes issued by the courts of the United Kingdom and Europe.

The law firm Samdani & Qureshi working in association with Infinity Consultants UK provides professional advice and zealous representation in family law matters in the courts of Pakistan.

i. Separation and Marital Property Agreements

Painful, expensive and lengthy divorce proceedings may often be avoided if you use a carefully prepared separation and marital property agreement. We encourage dialog between the opposing sides. Complex matters, even if acrimonious, can sometimes be resolved through mediation. Infinity Consultants UK in association with Samdani & Qureshi can either prepare the proper documents or review and advise regarding documents prepared by opposing counsel.

ii. Divorce

 Although divorce litigation can be unfriendly, prolonged, and expensive we attempt to minimize, to the extent possible, those hassles. Often, if sufficient effort is put forth, and if opposing counsel is reasonable, the case may be settled without the need for an adversarial trial. If it cannot be settled, we can  zealously and aggressively fight for your rights.

iii. Custody

If there are minor children, the parties may disagree on issues of physical custody and legal custody. A custody issue may also arise in a claim separate from a divorce action. Infinity Consultants UK in association with Samdani & Qureshi offer experienced, diligent and personalized representation in matters involving custody.

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