Infinity Consultants U.K caters specifically for the needs of overseas Pakistanis.Infinity is associated with Samdani&Qureshi, a Pakistan based law firm, which has been operating on a national and international level since 1989. Samdani&Qureshi is well known for its integrity, good working ethics and expertise in areas which are of particular relevance to Pakistanis living abroad. Infinity is unique in that it is the only U.K based company providing comprehensive consultation and assistance to Clients of Pakistan origin.

Infinity Consultants U.K. offices are equipped with latest video conferencing and teleconferencing facilities which allows the Clients to co-ordinate face to face with the legal team of Samdani&Qureshi in Pakistan, thereby, avoiding unnecessary costs of frequent travel.

Infinity Consultants U.K provides consultation and assistance in areas of:


Buying, selling and management of property. This includes verification of title and relevant documents as well as the existence of any liens, charges and encumbrances on the property intended to be purchased/sold. Drafting of all necessary documentation for purposes of buying, selling and renting of property as well as compliance with all legal formalities as may be applicable. We also provide property management services such as property maintenance, letting, ejectment of tenants, collection of rents, payment of all governmental dues on behalf of the landlord and deposit of income from property into the designated bank account.


We provide advice and assistance in matters of child abduction, custody, guardianship, inheritance, issues relating to forced marriages, and divorces.

We also procure service in Pakistan of documents and other processes issued by the courts of the United Kingdom and Europe.


Through our association with Samdani&Qureshi we assist in incorporation of local entities and compliance with legal requirements of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan as well as the Board of Investment. Our Clients have the opportunity of using fully equipped office suite on short-term basis should the same be required for purposes of their initial business requirements.

Samdani & Qureshi has been appointed as Independent Expert Witness on Pakistani law in a case before the Immigr...

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