Buying, selling and management of property. This includes verification of title and relevant documents as well as the existence of any liens, charges and encumbrances on the property intended to be purchased/sold. Drafting of all necessary documentation for purposes of buying, selling and renting of property as well as compliance with all legal formalities as may be applicable. We also provide property management services such as property maintenance, letting, ejectment of tenants, collection of rents, payment of all governmental dues on behalf of the landlord and deposit of income from property into the designated bank account.

The Firm, Samdani & Qureshi, working in association with Infinity Consultants UK deals with a wide range of legal services relating to real estate as well, not least of all conveyancing. The Firm deals with all aspects of conveyancing, from renting, mortgaging, gifting, selling and purchasing of Pakistani properties, to buying and selling properties at auction and the acquisition and disposal of large portfolios of properties in Pakistan, to our clients in Pakistan as well as abroad.

In association with Samani & Qureshi we offer specialist advice on all aspects of property transactions.We assist in locating properties, investigation of the title of the Property, maintaining the property and all other legal formalities for the client.

Samdani & Qureshi has been appointed as Independent Expert Witness on Pakistani law in a case before the Immigr...

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